Arggo introduces game-changing digitalisation tool to UK market

Press Article - June 19th 2023

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Arggo introduces game-changing digitalisation tool to UK market

Arggo expands its presence in the UK market with Timeqode, establishing strategic business relationships with system integrators, consulting firms, software development or implementation partners and more. This expansion creates opportunities for collaborative growth and innovation in digitalization.


Arggo, one of Romania’s leading business software development and consulting companies, is expanding into Europe by introducing Timeqode, a game-changing tool to the UK market, enabling seamless company digitalisation.

The team working for the British market provides clients seeking to digitise their business processes with the ability to create digital solutions through Timeqode, Arggo’s low-code business process management platform.

Many well-known companies from various fields such as construction, health, retail, financial and banking, food service, agricultural and industrial equipment companies like Baumit, Viarom Construct, Titan Machinery, Secom, Synevo, Kruk, Klarwin, Dedeman, Klass Wagen currently use the platform in Europe and internationally.

Sphera Franchise Group, Romania’s largest provider of food services, uses Timeqode to develop and coordinate work and business processes for a franchise portfolio of over 170 restaurants, including KFC, Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell.

“We are coming to the UK market at a time when digitalisation is essential for companies with complex work processes. Timeqode has technical capabilities that cover virtually all aspects of digitalisation without requiring users to write any code,” said Alexandru Radu, Head of Business Growth at Arggo.

Arggo’s UK market entry is the result of over eight years of experience in successfully creating, supplying and implementing ready-made, fully customisable vertical and horizontal business solutions for a wide range of industries.

“Many business owners have envisioned a digitisation process for their company but don’t want to do it themselves. This is where we intervene and offer all the necessary means to create, design, deploy and support the ideal application, series of applications or the entire digital system. The flexibility of the Timeqode platform allows us to create custom applications by optimising end-to-end business processes. It gives business owners the ability to have a transparent, centralised view of their company’s activity,” added Alexandru Radu.

Arggo and its Timeqode platform give companies the opportunity to achieve their digital transformation goals quickly and cost-effectively without the constraints of large initial investments or extensive programming skills. Companies can access and use a complete digitalisation platform through an affordable monthly subscription without the need for a lengthy implementation. It means that, in addition to flexibility, another major benefit of a low-code platform for UK companies with complex work processes is saving time and money through digitalisation.

Timeqode can be fully integrated with any ERP system, meaning companies can leverage their existing technology investments and avoid costly and time-consuming migration processes.

Arggo establishes strategic business relationships to implement Timeqode not only directly with companies “We are delighted that we can provide UK businesses with added value through our highly successful and cost-effective digital solutions and user and customer support services. This way, we ensure that all processes are optimised and constantly made easier to use and understand,” said Alexandru Radu.

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June 19th 2023
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