Real Estate

Real estate companies must respond to the risks of today's market with innovative approaches and strategies.

The Challenge

The Real Estate sector is one of the most dominant sectors in every economy worldwide. Real estate companies must respond to the risks of today's market such as increasing customer demands, changing regulations and new economic realities, with innovative approaches and strategies.

Proposed solutions for the Real Estate sector

Adaptability to market changes doesn't have to be painful for your team, that's why we offer you the right services and solutions to help you get back to what you like.

Consulting Services
Dynamics Solutions
Cloud and Productivity
Digitalization Solutions

Consulting Services

Our consulting services rely on a truly custom, collaborative approach, that takes a holistic view of your entire business in order to pinpoint the processes, programs and equipment that need to be improved or created.

Cloud and Productivity

In today`s market the key to productivity is flexible, scalable solutions that will allow you to promptly adapt to new challanges.

Digitalization Solutions

Our innovative team of experts also creates game changing solutions that provide a competitive advantage.

What are the benefits?

From crop to livestock production, agriculture can greatly benefit from digitalization


Define rent services (space rental, marketing services, administrative expenses etc).

Price definition at contract and service level.

Manage lease contracts.

Pre-configured BI cubes with the following reports (Fair market value, Equity, Debts, Income, Net Profit, Net cash flow, Collections, Occupancy, Average Rent, Center Turnover).

Automatic price indexing depending on the details of the contract.

Automatic mass sending of invoices via email.

Automatic generation of invoices for the entire lifespan of the agreement.

Create marketing campaigns.

Follow customer complaints.

Who are we working with in the Real Estate sector?

We get to work with amazing clients across all industry sectors, including the Real Estate sector.

Why Arggo?

In an age of constant change when adaptability is imperative, we provide companies with the necessary tools and knowledge to help them regain their lost time and invest it more wisely. Our vision is to provide time-as-a-service through process digitalization for companies worldwide.
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