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Before starting to technologically revolutionize your company you must make sure that your workflows can support your activity and your plans for expansion. Sometimes, especially when a company had an accelerated growth, we tend to focus on meeting new challanges and forget that the company's business workflows are live organisms that constantly need scaling, analyzing, adaptation and improving in order to sustain the daily activity.

BPR's main goal is to help companies fundamentally, if needed, rethink how they do their work in order to drastically improve customer service, cut operational costs and better meet business objectives.

Arggo's BPR consultants are mainly working with the business's core structure, from the basic framework of assessments, goals, tasks, resources and roles being mapped, analyzed and redrawn in a way that meets the particular needs of your company.

What are the 5 steps of BPR?

Map the existing workflows.

The first step of business process reengineering calls for mapping your company’s present state. This process should cover all areas, including your current business regulations, workflows, supporting technology, work activities and reporting relationships.

Analyze existing workflows and identify gaps and/or overlapping tasks.

Identify any gaps, bottlenecks and general inefficiencies that hold up a free flow of the process to help improve operational efficiency and organisational effectiveness.

Redraw the workflows.

Redraw the workflow, keeping what is necessary, rethinking what is needed and automating all processes that can be automated.

Guide the client through the transformation.

Propose technological implementations based on the new workflows.

Why choose Arggo?

Arggo's team of professionals will analyze your business's needs and offer you the best existing or tailored solution which will ensure greaterefficiency of administration, better control over costs and maximum reach into potential customer markets, whilst at all times being able to monitor live and control risks.

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