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What is the Discovery process?

The ERP discovery phase is essential and should be one of your first activities to assess your business needs and the key motivations to start such a strategically important project.

The following topics are very important to assess in the discovery phase, before implementing a software system:

● Defining the digital strategy
● Current business data 
● Current customization, interfaces and reports    

It’s our job to help companies find the right solution to solve their challenges and enable them to achieve their objectives. In the discovery phase, we open up every last wall.

We focus on two key areas

We put ourselves in your shoes and go deep to understand your unique business structure, process, culture and your people.

Functional requirements

These include from which modules and functionality you require configuration for, to the reports you want to run and whether your system will be integrated with other applications.

Business challenges and opportunities

We’ll uncover the key problems you’re facing in your business and discover opportunities for efficiency and improvements. This essentially becomes the roadmap for your software solution – if some or all of these key challenges are solved and improvements unlocked after implementation, the project is a success.

The deliverable of the discovery session is the pre-analysis document where the main functionalities and certain structural requirements of the software solution will be briefly presented.

Why choose Arggo?

Arggo's team of professionals will analyze your business's needs and offer you the best existing or tailored solution which will ensure greaterefficiency of administration, better control over costs and maximum reach into potential customer markets, whilst at all times being able to monitor live and control risks.

How can we help?

Schedule a meeting, start a project, gain insight or just say hello, we're happy to hear from you!