LS Central with Romanian fiscalization by Arggo

Ls Central from LS Retail with Romanian Fiscalization powered by Arggo is an all-in-one business management software solution.

High-quality, cost-effective and highly configurable software solution which helps retailers, hospitality and forecast businesses to optimize their business practices, increase revenue and satisfy old and new customers easier, simpler and faster.

What are the benefits?

Innovative technology and meaningful data

● Get innovative business software that will help you meet and anticipate fast changing consumer habits.

● Document, identify and analyze insightful data and take immediate action.

Romanian Fiscalization

The proposed solution is fully integrated with all the new Romanian fiscalization requirements.

Unified commerce software solution

● Manage your business centrally from front to back with a single software system.

● No added complexity, no inconsistent data, no struggle.

Why Arggo?

In an age of constant change when adaptability is imperative, we provide companies with the necessary tools and knowledge to help them regain their lost time and invest it more wisely. Our vision is to provide time-as-a-service through process digitalization for companies worldwide.
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