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A centralized database with tools for sales, marketing and customer service

The way customers interact with a brand and purchasing behaviour has evolved in the new digital world. Today, anyone can find online all the information they need about your company, products and services. By commenting on social media they can influence your brand's image and even become your brand advocates.

Sales, Marketing and Customer Service teams must adapt to this new reality so they can build customer trust and loyalty by personalizing each customer journey. The CRM solution grants your company the necessary tools to engage each customer and to deliver tailored experiences while increasing your team's productivity.

What are the benefits?

Dynamics 365 applications are made to work together, and with your existing systems,
for a comprehensive solution that connects your entire business.

Centralized customer infrastructure.

Enabled responsive customer service.

Loyalize customers with predictable and proactive interactions.

Automated marketing interactions.

Enhaced marketing activities through accurate, real-time insights.

Personalized customer engagement across channels

Measurable marketing ROI

Tracking of sales opportunities and transforming them into actual sales.

Shorter sales cycles with reduced costs with sales force automation capabilities.

Business Intelligence

Why choose Arggo?

Arggo's team of professionals will analyze your business's needs and offer you the best existing or tailored solution which will ensure greaterefficiency of administration, better control over costs and maximum reach into potential customer markets, whilst at all times being able to monitor live and control risks.

How can we help?

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