Innovation through digital transformation in the construction industry

Press Article - June 12th 2023

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Innovation through digital transformation in the construction industry

Discover how Timeqode Construction Sites, a user-friendly and cost-effective digital solution, can revolutionize the construction industry. Take the next step in your construction company`s digital transformation journey and explore the benefits offered by Timeqode.


The future is catching up with construction companies and success will depend on smart work process management solutions.

As Alexandru Radu, Head of Business Growth at Arggo (pictured), explains, the construction industry needs special attention from developers of business digital solutions, such as Timeqode Construction Sites.

The use of this platform by those involved provides a real-time picture of the activities and resources on the construction sites.

The key advantages of using a construction site application
The first benefit of such a solution is to save time through process digitisation, helping construction companies achieve their digital transformation goals quickly and cost-effectively, without constraints for heavy initial investment or extensive programming skills.

All active construction sites can be managed at the same time, and activities can be tracked at the site, supervisor or location level.

A digital solution helps, manages and monitors the daily and weekly activities of workers, on an individual level or even on a team level, so task management can be integrated with email and WhatsApp.

A construction site solution could be built using a low-code platform such as Timeqode.

A low-code platform, it does not require programming knowledge. It allows both the digital team and the customer to create applications from any business flow, regardless of its complexity. The processes are easy to implement and manage, resulting in user-friendly applications that can be used from any type of device.

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June 12th 2023
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