How low-code development empowers partnerships

Press Article - August 10th 2023

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How low-code development empowers partnerships

IT companies increasingly partner with business software developers to procure, use, or resell digitalization platforms and solutions. These partnerships open doors to new opportunities for partners as well as a wider array of digital solutions for customers.


Nowadays, more IT companies are turning to business software developers to purchase, use or resell digitalisation platforms or ready-made digital solutions.

The idea behind this is simple. A digital business solutions developer can collaborate with various types of companies. This allows them to become digital solutions providers for their clients and collaborators, such as digital system integrators, business consulting firms, software development or implementation partners, and professional services companies focused on specific industries. These partnerships provide more options for creating digital solutions for customers.

Harnessing technology partnerships for tailored digital solutions

The first option for collaborators is to partner with organisations with technical expertise and unique business development insights to offer customers bespoke digital solutions. Traditionally, personalised and effective digital solutions required extensive programming expertise. However, this task has become much easier to achieve and optimise thanks to innovative technologies, such as low-code business process management platforms. As a result, any IT company in the UK can use a BPM platform within the Platform as a Service (PaaS) model to create their own applications. These custom-made applications optimise end-to-end business processes and give organisational leaders a transparent, centralised image of the company’s activity.

Unlocking opportunities and the advantages of becoming a reseller

An IT or consulting company can access even simpler solutions provided by a business software developer. How? By becoming a reseller, they can access ready-made but fully customisable vertical and horizontal business solutions for a broad range of industries. This is made possible through a low-code platform, which has the technical capabilities to handle all aspects of digitalisation and generate practical digital solutions without requiring users to write any code.

Adopting this approach is ideal for activities and services in areas such as automation of advances and expenses, digital recognition of invoices, management of healthcare services, construction, manufacturing or legal services. The possibilities are endless because a ready-made application can offer integrated technologies such as IoT (Internet of Things), OCR (optical character recognition), digital signature or AI.

Why low-code is a smart choice

A low-code development platform is a smart choice for organisations because it can streamline processes. It allows the fast creation of modern web applications without requiring programming knowledge. In this way, companies can opt for a custom-made application much faster and more efficiently than the classic way. They can use the intuitive platform to create their applications independently, or, if the companies are resellers, can opt for a ready-made digitalisation process.

Companies can adopt a low-code platform that creates opportunities for collaborative programmes that attract partners from all over the world in an ecosystem with a common goal, the optimisation of time through digitalisation. In other words, the advantage of using a low-code platform is that it allows users to digitalise all their business processes thanks to the capabilities and advanced technology it provides. It means being flexible, highly customisable, and, above all, it is easy to use.

As a result, companies achieve greater agility, speed, and accuracy in their operations and respond quickly to changing market conditions and customer needs. The developer offers continuous updates and support for clients, ensuring all processes are optimised and constantly made easier to use and understand

Low-code: empowering users

Opting for a low-code platform means empowering users to rapidly visualise existing or envisioned business processes and transform them into automated ones for maximum efficiency. It offers an essential compelling time-saving proposition, enabling companies to achieve their digital transformation goals quickly and cost-effectively. A low-code platform does this without constraints or extensive programming skills.

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August 10th 2023
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